Inspiration Tuesday - Eyes

The eyes are the window to the soul they say.  Today's featured images indeed have such windows.  We'll look at how they add dimension and feeling to the images.  If the eyes are not sharp, your image may as well not be.  -someone famous i'm sure

Svetlana by Sean Archer on

Sean is an amazing photographer based out of Russia and one of his latest images has stunning eyes indeed.  The color pop and highlight are amazing.  She has a very genuine and inviting look.  The styling is amazing and his photoshop work is classy.  The dodging and burning on the hair and face are impeccable.  Amazing image.

Hannah by Jay Kreens  on

The next image from Jay Kreens has a screaming sharp eye clarity.  Her look is menacing, demeaning, almost like "what are you doing here man?".  I love the color and the and the tone of this image.  Some heavy photoshop on the face that is a little sharp, but doesn't distract from the image completely.  Noticeable high pass filter was used on the image to sharpen and accentuates every pixel on her face.  Great character.  

Romka1 by Alexander Sorokopud on

I love this final image!  It's got so much brass and once again, the eyes tell the story here.  He's showing he's got some attitude here and this face means business.  Great post work too, and a nice shallow depth of field.  Overall, just a great image.  

- Stay Focused -