Oklahoma: Where the sonic has no drive-in

Recently went on a business trip for 3 days to OKC.  It's about a 6 hour drive from Austin and passes thru a whole lot of nothin'.  I don't mind going into Oklahoma, despise everything about it, but I don't mind it.  Reminds me of why Texas is so awesome.  

The minute you cross the border you start seeing tornado shelter banners and billboards, not a place I want to be running to :).  However, the storm chaser in me wants to go visit and check out some of these cyclones and thunderstorms.  We had a spell of rain while I was there and the lightning over the plains can be pretty intense.  

This image was taken the first night after a storm. 

Enjoyed taking the Sony on this trip.  The a7 is such a light camera and when paired with the 35mm 2.8 Zeiss it's still under 650 grams.  I packed it around town for a few shots of the night life and some skyline.  Hand held it did pretty well on the streets when using low shutter speeds.  When I say low i'm talking 1/10 or 1/30.  Not ideal for shooting architecture.  Street shots were taken at around 1/125 or higher so they were very sharp.  

We stayed near the ballpark there and didn't get a chance to see a game but I snuck around the stadium and snapped a few pics.  It's in a region called "Bricktown", and it's easy to figure out why.  The whole area around here and the river walk has nothing but red brick buildings.  The ballpark is home of the OKC Dodgers, farm team to LA.  Seems when they are away then most people are as well.  Downtown was not very busy, even if it was a Tuesday - Thursday.  

The night scene was pretty slow.  Around the river walk area you can take a boat cruise and see the city.  Many passengers would enter and exit the yellow boats from the entrance to Mickey Mantle's steak house.  Above Mickey's is where I snagged the following shot.  

Oklahoma city at dusk - Devon Energy building

This was shot from the third story above Mickey's steakhouse.  There is a cigar bar and we took a night off to soak in a sunset and enjoy some of the finer things.  This is about as high as I could get so the perspective is still "up the nose" in terms of cityscapes, however, I loved that the American flag was flying proudly and the building lights had just turned on.  

Overall it's a sleepy city at night and we are glad to be back home.  I will say the craft beer scene is bustling with COOP and Black Mesa topping the list.  Not far behind were Roughtail and Prairie.  For a full list check this wiki page

The Tapwerks alehouse was by far the leader in craft beer.  Hundreds of beers, tavern decor and comfort, and an interesting duo of singer/songwriters in there Tuesday.  I leave you with this video i shot on my phone.  It's called "Hotel baby one more time"

- Stay Focused -