Lightroom CC 2015.8 Update - Reference Files

Hi Gang,

Coming to you with a new update from LR that is hot off the presses.   The update is not on the site yet but I assume it will show you soon what we learned in the CC console update.  Along with PS 2017 we have the update for LR that adds the following:

Lightroom CC version 2015.8: Performance Improvements

The Lightroom CC 2015.8 comes with some changes that will improve the responsiveness of the Lightroom experience. As soon as you install the new version of the application, you will notice some improvements in image editing responsiveness when you move files between folders, run catalog backups or do any other background tasks.

Lightroom CC version 2015.8: Fit/Fill Improvements

When using ultra high-resolution monitors, you will be able to take advantage of the zoom to fit and zoom to fill options. We remind you that these features had some issues in the past, as they would not completely fill the Loupe window.

Lightroom CC version 2015.8: New Features

You can now create or filter a Smart Collection for images that have Snapshots associated with them or export a Collection Set as a new catalog.

With this update, we also received a new feature called Reference view.  You can now take a photo and keep it on screen, while making changes to a copy of the photo.  Notice I said copy, you must create a virtual copy of the file first, in order to use it as a reference.  I created a short video on just how to do so.  Enjoy the new content.