What a cute family

It was really a pleasure working with this family.  They are friends of ours and needed to get some holiday photos out for the season.  We ended up over at Champions park in Brushy Creek and it's actually a great time of year to be photographing there.  

I set up first around the wild grasses that have since turned golden brown and look amazing at sunset.  

They brought a beautiful color patch blanket that really made them pop with the landscape.  The baby was so sweet and was giggly and bubbly.  So much fun so mom and dad could relax and make beautiful images.

Once we got a few shots over by the grasses we moved over to a bridge that is nearby.  There's a nice view of the creek just to the side so we set up on a rock there and took a few snaps.  Our little trooper allowed for one more location shoot and my client had some Christmas lights to try out so we got those out and tried it out.  

Yes they are plugged in :)

We shot a few with the lights and it was really cute.  Baby enjoyed the pretty lights and with a small inverter my client actually powered the lights! 

Had a blast and really happy to deliver these images to the client on time for them to make cards and send them out.