Inspiration Tuesday - Orbs

Today we dive into images that revolve around orbs, spheres, circular objects, and so on.  The theme shows up in everyday life so much, it's hard to avoid.  Earth is a sphere, rings are circular, ends meet, connections happen.  Karma, the great circle, what comes around goes around, it's all circular.  It's all important.  

The first image here alone was amazing to begin with.  Great sunset, foreground, yet...the orb that was added is such a game changer.  The perspective is now centered on this object, and the reflection or transmission of the image into the sphere was heavily edited, while the remaining scene only slightly.  This brings the viewer straight to the orb.  Very cool concept often done with water drops and flowers as well.  

This image is a long exposure done with 2 different colors.  It's such a beautiful job of keeping the light swinging around in a circle while managing the purple object in the same exposure.  The second orb may have been on a second exposure and combined in post, but if so, you cannot tell at all.  The clouds have a nice dreamy feel to them while the light trails are crisp.  Fantastic image

The final image is so simple, yet interesting.  Why is there a color missing right in front of my viewpoint?  Some pencils are not perfectly lined up in the circle, but we get the idea.  I would have love to seen the pencils arrayed in a color wheel pattern, but I think that is what everyone would expect.  The photographer here chose instead to break some "rules" by arranging them in a scattered fashion with no order.  Depth of field enhances this image by keeping our focus on the pencil tips.  

That's it for this weeks late edition.  Hope you enjoy these images.  As always comments are welcome and visit the photographers work on 500px by clicking the links in the images.

- Stay Focused -