Inspriation Tuesday - Lines

Hey folks I hope the week is going well so far.  This week we once again have 3 amazing photos from 3 amazing artists.  We are going to focus on lines this week.  I thought if I could bring some synchronous images to the blog I could meld the post together more fluidly.  


Our first image just has me reeling like an MC Escher sketch.  The stairs themselves are an artform and tne neon green is such a wild paint color here.  There is great contrast on the dark stairs and rails along with the lights and green walls.  Lines seem to intersect and go askew all at once.  A dizzying array of color splash and linear amazement.  Well done here.  

The second image is quite interesting.  Shot at an off angle to begin with, it breaks all the traditional rules altogether, but also blends a unique harmony between the long exposure or blur in the sky with the sharpness of the edifice.  The teal and grey tones mix well and create a symbiotic palette across the image while the blurred effect give this image a motion effect as if the building were a rocket blasting off.  Very cool image.  

Our final image has so many fantastic lines!  We have a curved nautilus structure with a bevy of lines merging into the center.  It's even offset by the shadow on the ground casting some more contrasty lines.  Getting under the bench provides a unique view on an otherwise ordinary bench.  Great job by the artist here to think about what makes this shot interesting and to showcase that here.  

That is it for this week.  Hope you enjoyed today's themed session - LINES.  It was fun to curate these photos and we'll look for a new topic next week when Inspriation Tuesday returns. 

- Stay Focused -