Been busy

The real job has been busy since last year.  Being in security, the world is now investing more in keeping their info and people safe.  That's where I come in.  I work in the security division for software and it's my job to help deploy technology to end users.  I enjoy that job, but my passion is still making great images.  

We just had our 3rd son, Finley.  Our new bundle of joy has come in at a hefty 9 lbs 8 oz and was born on Sept 27.  We are catching up on sleep now but the first 2 weeks I took off work and stayed home with the kids and wife.  It's important to take the time off with family and I'm glad my work is ok with this.  Everyone is happy and healthy and so I'm back to the grind full time.

I'm hoping to start the personal grind again soon.  I've taken some time off to explore other hobbies and clear my head.  I've had a lapse in creativity, drive, passion, etc.  It doesn't feel like burnout, just a lack of desire. I know that can't be true, I still have the passion, but I think the drive was gone.  Helping out with 2 small kids and a pregnant wife takes priority. 

I feel like the family is complete.  All boys are healthy and happy.  It's time to start getting back into it.  I picked up the A7r2 to shoot some shots of our baby.  They came out well.  We had a variety of poses and props to choose from.  The image below is exceptional for a couple reasons.  For one, my wife learned how to crochet and she made this hat for Fin.  Second, the image is just too cute.  We got a sweet, sleepy pose and he curled up all warm in his blanket.  

I should be back on more updating the blog.  For now please enjoy this image.  

grey hat.jpg