Inspiration Tuesday - Faces

I want to dive into portraits today.  Portraits offer a connection that's easy to make, but hard to create.  I'll explain.  It's easy to make a portrait, but it's hard to create one that has depth, emotion, and a connection.  It needs to tell a story, or it will get labeled as a snapshot very quickly.  With that, let's dive in.  

Our first portrait I discovered yesterday while browsing and I was blown away.  I love the styling of her clothes and hair and her look is very piercing.  She gets me talking about the image.  It was shot with equipment anyone can get, no fancy lighting or techniques, just shallow depth of field and an outdoor cloudy sunset/sunrise.  I like the cool tones in the image counterbalanced by the warmth of her clothes and skin tone.  Her face tells the whole story, she's trying to figure me out, or scoff me as I walk by.  

The second image today comes from Lisa Holloway.  She's an incredible photographer and retoucher.  Her images are very consistent in theme, color, and emotion.  She uses her kids (10 I think) as models for the most part.  This image is a striking portrait of her daughter with a sparkler on the 4th.  Here in the U.S. we like to celebrate independence by lighting things on fire. :) The look on her face is mischievous to me.  Another take I get is solace, or solitude. She's got a lone sparkler and she'll do what she wants with it.  It's a great composition either way, dark, intimate, relevant to the theme of 4th of July.  Great work. 

This final image is from a newly discovered artist to me.  She has a huge following on Instagram and it's easy to see why.  Great portrait/lifestyle artist and this image right here is simply stunning.  The deep glare from the model is intriguing while the styling of the hood and hair are amazing.  I love the colors of the background here blending into the hood as the backlit sun radiates her hair with a kiss of light.  The model has a doll face already but is complimented by the hood shaping her face and adding a red tinge to the cheeks.  This natural light shot has all the right elements: lighting, mood, emotion, and theme.  Amazing job.  

- Stay Focused - 

Inspiration Tuesday - Orbs

Today we dive into images that revolve around orbs, spheres, circular objects, and so on.  The theme shows up in everyday life so much, it's hard to avoid.  Earth is a sphere, rings are circular, ends meet, connections happen.  Karma, the great circle, what comes around goes around, it's all circular.  It's all important.  

The first image here alone was amazing to begin with.  Great sunset, foreground, yet...the orb that was added is such a game changer.  The perspective is now centered on this object, and the reflection or transmission of the image into the sphere was heavily edited, while the remaining scene only slightly.  This brings the viewer straight to the orb.  Very cool concept often done with water drops and flowers as well.  

This image is a long exposure done with 2 different colors.  It's such a beautiful job of keeping the light swinging around in a circle while managing the purple object in the same exposure.  The second orb may have been on a second exposure and combined in post, but if so, you cannot tell at all.  The clouds have a nice dreamy feel to them while the light trails are crisp.  Fantastic image

The final image is so simple, yet interesting.  Why is there a color missing right in front of my viewpoint?  Some pencils are not perfectly lined up in the circle, but we get the idea.  I would have love to seen the pencils arrayed in a color wheel pattern, but I think that is what everyone would expect.  The photographer here chose instead to break some "rules" by arranging them in a scattered fashion with no order.  Depth of field enhances this image by keeping our focus on the pencil tips.  

That's it for this weeks late edition.  Hope you enjoy these images.  As always comments are welcome and visit the photographers work on 500px by clicking the links in the images.

- Stay Focused - 

Inspriation Tuesday - Lines

Hey folks I hope the week is going well so far.  This week we once again have 3 amazing photos from 3 amazing artists.  We are going to focus on lines this week.  I thought if I could bring some synchronous images to the blog I could meld the post together more fluidly.  


Our first image just has me reeling like an MC Escher sketch.  The stairs themselves are an artform and tne neon green is such a wild paint color here.  There is great contrast on the dark stairs and rails along with the lights and green walls.  Lines seem to intersect and go askew all at once.  A dizzying array of color splash and linear amazement.  Well done here.  

The second image is quite interesting.  Shot at an off angle to begin with, it breaks all the traditional rules altogether, but also blends a unique harmony between the long exposure or blur in the sky with the sharpness of the edifice.  The teal and grey tones mix well and create a symbiotic palette across the image while the blurred effect give this image a motion effect as if the building were a rocket blasting off.  Very cool image.  

Our final image has so many fantastic lines!  We have a curved nautilus structure with a bevy of lines merging into the center.  It's even offset by the shadow on the ground casting some more contrasty lines.  Getting under the bench provides a unique view on an otherwise ordinary bench.  Great job by the artist here to think about what makes this shot interesting and to showcase that here.  

That is it for this week.  Hope you enjoyed today's themed session - LINES.  It was fun to curate these photos and we'll look for a new topic next week when Inspriation Tuesday returns. 

- Stay Focused - 

Inspriration Tues....Wednesday :)

Looong Holiday and some frightening events delayed the blog this week.  My apologies to anyone new and looking into this series.  I'll add an extra pic this week just for you!!

I live in Austin, TX and we had some torrential rain, lightning, and tornadoes as major storm cells collapsed over central Texas.  The storms have moved on but our little family was frightened for our lives briefly as the weather teams on tv said "If you live in this area, take your precautions for tornadoes now!"

We survived, the aftermath is lots of water, little destruction, and some cleanup downtown.  All in all, 11 people died and we pray for their families to get thru this with strength.  News stories can be found by #atxfloods on Twitter.  

This week I'd like to start with an image of Bryce Canyon.  This is a gorgeous and monumental park in Utah and the photographer captured an amazing snow dappled scene.  The key to this shot is the rich colors in the canyon coupled with the contrast of snowy scene.  Great depth and toning here and the image is sharp through about 2/3 of the way back and falls off into a nice soft misty cloud deep in the background. You can see more of their work at this link

Our next shot is a portrait and it really drew me in.  First off, shot at 2.8, it has a wonderful falloff.  We go immediately to her face as all good portraits do.  Her eyes should be sharp and they are razor in this image.  The colors of her hair and dress really pop in this image.  The photographer used a gradient blur in post to really accentuate the fall off from in focus to out of focus which actually works well here.  You can tell because even though it was shot at 2.8, the arms and dress are still on the same focal plane as the shoulder and head, only a few inches closer than her nose, but they are completely out of focus.  This kind of blur you would see at around 1.4 perhaps, but not at 2.8.  This takes nothing away from the image, it's a work of art.  See more of Ginger's work here 

Our 3rd image comes from Matthew Harris and it's from the editors choice page on 500px.  I chose this image because it's moody and dark.  Most food shots are very high key and shot at low depth of field.  This image has little depth of field but contains a lot of contrast and the spices are particularly sharp.  I love the color palette and toning used here.  The photographer aligned the spices almost in a color wheel pattern but threw us off with the third spice from left to right. The red pepper flakes make up a scattered array of ambiance and the spices bring in the order to the shot.  Having the whole peppers in the background makes for a complete picture.  

As promised, I said I would curate a 4th image here.  This final image is a black and white and it's gorgeous.  I love black and white when it's done right.  You must have a good contrast in the scene already before you just convert to black and white.  If you have too many bright colors you'll have lots of grey tones and it washes it out.  This image does not disappoint.  Simple subject yet powerful.  Shot with the legendary Zeiss 1.8 ZA lens on the Sony a7, this image has an earthy, raw feel, while being soft as it fades into the bokeh glory.  Using available light and shooting at f2 are the strong points here.  The photographer got the foreground and teapot sharp while letting the rest of the scene wander.  Lastly, it leaves you with some wonder about it.  Is someone settling in for breakfast?  Are two people sitting down to have a nice conversation soon?  Did someone get up from this table in a rush due to some news they received?  We'll never know, but we are excited now.    

Stay focused.