Just one big fur family

Had another dog shoot recently.  This time it was 3!  I was approached by a client and was asked if we could shoot all 3 at the same time.  I was a little hesitant at first because 3 can get out of hand.  But we gave it a shot.

We shot this session at Mansfield Dam park on Lake Travis.  It's a beautiful little alcove with some nice rock outcroppings and a small slue.  I checked out the spot and decided to use the outcroppings first and get some single portraits.   

Moose is the German Shepard.  He was so chill and a great poser.  Zora, next, was a mix and the client wasn't sure what she was.  All we knew was she had a great temperament and a sweetie pie.  Her smile really glowed and her white fur was so soft and fluffy.   Buddy was last, he did great as well but was a little camera shy.  Usually I'll move around the dog to get to their angle in lieu of making the dog turn toward me.  If I can make the angle work, I'll use it.  

Before we moved to a new location, we took a full family portrait.  This was well worth the risk.  2 humans and 3 dogs all looking one way, it was a great shot.  

It was a fun shoot and I can't wait for more of these.  I'm really enjoying photographing dogs and their owners.