Sometimes kids teach you things

The other day we took our kids out to try a neighborhood soccer meetup.  We thought it would be a good intro for them and we could meet some folks as well.  When we got there we split them up into age groups and Hunter had to fit in with 4-5, which is ok because he just turned 4 yesterday.  

We first got set up and the kids ran some drills.  Hunter did great, he could dribble the ball and score the goal each time like he was supposed to.  I suppose the dad running this had other plans or got bored, because he just started a game.  My kid has literally kicked a soccer ball for fun all his life, and now he has a "competitive game".  So they divide up 3v3, explain a few guidelines, and then let them go at it.  Soon after I have a crying kid on the sideline.  I'm wondering..."did he get hurt?".  

Nope..."Daddy, I didn't win the game".  This coming soon after the ball had been scored by another teammate.  He was upset because he wasn't fast enough to get the ball and score, even if his team was winning.  So life lesson #1 of the day coming out, it's a team game, you are all trying to score the goal, as long as you do that, you are winning.  

I come from a home where the participation trophy was garbage.  Actually didn't like to accept them, but had to be nice.  I love Hunter's spirit to win, but I learned that there are different ideas of winning to each person.  He may not be a team sports person.  I disliked team sports because I liked winning on my own skill and perseverance.   He may be the same way.  Relying on other people for help and collaboration was never my strong suit.  In the professional world I've had to learn this and deal with it.  For him, I could try and show him early on how to handle this.  

I'm upset that he didn't enjoy the game part, but happy he likes soccer and sports in general.  It's good exercise and fun for the kids.  

Now on to the fun stuff, it's Halloween soon.  The kids are going as Paw Patrol and today they got to dress up for school to go trick-or-treat.  So, Dad had to get the Sony out and snap a few in front of the house.  I got a few candids and cheeky shots.  I love 'em so much, they are going to love the real trick-or-treating again in our neighborhood.