Lightroom CC 2015.8 Update - Reference Files

Hi Gang,

Coming to you with a new update from LR that is hot off the presses.   The update is not on the site yet but I assume it will show you soon what we learned in the CC console update.  Along with PS 2017 we have the update for LR that adds the following:

Lightroom CC version 2015.8: Performance Improvements

The Lightroom CC 2015.8 comes with some changes that will improve the responsiveness of the Lightroom experience. As soon as you install the new version of the application, you will notice some improvements in image editing responsiveness when you move files between folders, run catalog backups or do any other background tasks.

Lightroom CC version 2015.8: Fit/Fill Improvements

When using ultra high-resolution monitors, you will be able to take advantage of the zoom to fit and zoom to fill options. We remind you that these features had some issues in the past, as they would not completely fill the Loupe window.

Lightroom CC version 2015.8: New Features

You can now create or filter a Smart Collection for images that have Snapshots associated with them or export a Collection Set as a new catalog.

With this update, we also received a new feature called Reference view.  You can now take a photo and keep it on screen, while making changes to a copy of the photo.  Notice I said copy, you must create a virtual copy of the file first, in order to use it as a reference.  I created a short video on just how to do so.  Enjoy the new content. 


Capture One Pro for Sony

I recently picked up the Sony version of Capture One 9.  I have been frustrated with Lightroom and it's lack of tether support for Sony cameras.  I've had a Sony camera for over a year now and as I shoot studio the workflow in Lightroom was a joke.

Process for Lightroom CC:  Download a camera control app from Sony -> Launch app -> pick a folder to capture images to -> navigate to that folder in LR as a watched folder -> Plug in camera -> start a session from the Sony app -> snap image -> images show up in a collection in LR

Process for Capture One: Open C1 -> Start a session -> Name session -> fire up link for ipad for others to watch session -> plug in camera -> snap image -> image appears in app

Now that I have employed this, I wanted to use it for editing as well.  While the import is very robust and easy to use once you are accustomed, I have enjoyed LR over this process.  What drew me in was when I watched pros using it with the Phase One camera system and they would edit color, crop, sharpening, and export image.  I fell in love with the control they possessed and so I gave it a whirl.  

So far I'm impressed with the raw import as well as the corrections you can make.  What I'm lacking is a before/after hot key swap that I had in LR, but you can quickly create a variant of the image with a hotkey and hit Enter to do a quick compare side by side.  This is very handy as you make edits.  

Here is an edit that I started in C1, processed the telephone wire removal in PSCC, then saved back in C1.

removal of telephone pole/wire

variant left vs original right

I'll continue to evaluate it for large jobs and processing.  So far you can copy paste settings to other images just like LR so batch processing is a breeze.  The export function is nice with options for tiff/jpeg and sizing as presets.  That part just feels right out of the box.

Looking forward to posting more in the future.  Work has been crazy as well as a trip to Australia I took in May which set me back some time but I got tons of great images to post from there.  

- Stay Focused -

Breaking up with Mylio

It's been a good ride but I fear that the Mylio train is dropping me off right here.  I haven't opened the app on any device, including my computer, in over 2 months.  There is nothing wrong with it technically, but functionally it overlaps with what Lightroom Mobile does for me.  

Let me talk about a few points that are driving me away from it.  


It's compatible with every device I own.  No problems there, but what gets me is when I put an image from Lightroom in there, or edit in Mylio and try and pull the metadata, it never works.  Refreshing the meta in LR does not bring in the data either.  This is not good for me in managing my catalog


It does a great job of backing up photos.  If I import a folder from LR or my computer it's instantly propagated to any of my devices for me to look at later.  But, I have something else that does that too, Flickr.  I can keep a terabyte on Flickr, and it lets me set a watch folder. 

Flickr pop up hub on my PC

Flickr pop up hub on my PC

The watched folder is basically any photos that I want in the  cloud and Flickr will look for new versions or remove photos that I have deleted.  I can have them in nested albums but what I found is that I just need to use this service as a backup for images.  I don't need to be super organized, as long as I can find an image in there for a shoot, then I'm good with it.  I keep the folders nested on my hard drives that I backup to.  


My images are with me everywhere when I have them with Mylio.  Well, the images that I work on in LR Mobile are there too.  From LR, I can send images to Instagram to post, and then replicate them to my other social media accounts with tags, all in one post.  With Mylio I have to download the image from the folder after it replicates, then go to the Instagram app and import.  It's a small niggle, but a time suck on my end.  

LR images are in collections, so when I import images, I work on the RAW images and make my selects on the PC, ipad, iphone, etc, and then move them to the collection and keep the RAW files in a separate folder.  Raw files are important to keep, and so on my PC when I import them, I always make a backup copy to a second HD just in case I lose my primary.

Mylio does this as well, but I don't edit in Mylio, so this is adding a second step to my workflow.  Not productive for me.  


I already pay $10 per month for LR and PS CC and I get the updates each time they patch the program.  This is a no-brainer payment plan so I always get updates to both applications.  I always have my photos that I want with me on my devices.  I can edit the raw photos on either device and they sync back in forth in real time.  (Edits from an i-device are jpegs as RAW files are not supported on apple devices...yet).  

What will I miss?

Folder Structure
I will miss a couple things.  The folder structure when looking through files on Mylio is great.  It's just like if you had it on the desktop.  You can nest folders and go through them without having to clutter the app with so many folders.  
The view and layout of the app is great.  It's got albums and folders, of which I never understood the difference so I only used albums.  I did enjoy using the app on devices, and that's a big plus.

Tagging people was one thing that I did often.  You can look them up by using the people tab in Mylio and this was great. had some hangups.  You could really only do this efficiently on the desktop.  Searching a name using the text box filtered results down, but did not allow selection with the keyboard.  What this meant was you left the keyboard when tagging to click on the name that was in the photo.  You could copy and paste names from a photo to another photo, or group of photos, but again, only on desktop.  Tags did not import into Lightroom either, so basically I was stuck using Mylio just to look at folders of a certain person if I needed to quickly reference someone.  I mitigate this by just making a collection folder in my Flickr watch folder and I can see all pictures of my kids, family, wife, etc.  

The end of an era

It's been a good run with Mylio.  At first when it came out, I didn't get it.  It was featured as saying that you could replicate all your photos to all your devices any time, any where.  I thought at first, well, so does iphoto/icloud, flickr, dropbox, basically any cloud sharing.  But where I found it was feature rich was the fact that once I put an image on any device, it moved it into my main catalog and replicated to all my devices in the same organized fashion.  So I bought in.  As time goes on, I found myself just not using it as much.  I go to my camera roll or Flickr to look at people or photos.  I import my images from LR Mobile to put on instagram, or I import images from my camera to LR mobile to do edits, or image selections when i'm on the go.  I think I have all my needs met at this time.  So i'll be putting $8/month back in the old wallet for something else. 

No hard feelings, it's not you, it's me.  :)

- Stay Focused -