A time to heal

These past few weeks have been very tough.  I've taken a necessary hiatus but it's time to get back to work.  My mother was in the hospital beginning in September and on through October.  She's had COPD for quite some time and the complications led her to need a necessary surgery.

COPD didn't slow her down much however.  Over the past 9 years she had the condition but managed it well.  It wasn't until this past year that she suffered some slow down, but not completely debilitating.  The doctors recommended her carry oxygen to keep a saturated level in her lungs.  She was still shopping, attending our kids events, and spending time with family and friends.  

This all turned in August when she suffered a collapsed lung.  She spent 3 days in the hospital was outfitted with a drain to help her heal.  She never completely mended.  Doctors recommended surgery to help her heal and she made it through well.  We had the best of hopes, she'd rest in the hospital for a week or so and come home to finish up.  

Sadly, it was the end.  On October 15 we lost her.  It's been extremely tough since her passing.  This past weekend we had a wonderful memorial for her.  So many friends and family came by to pay respects, share old stories, and provide comfort.

I'm truly blessed to have had such a wonderful mother.  She was our caregiver, friend, and biggest fan.  Everyone that was a part of her life remembers how amazing she was.  I'm constantly reminded of how special she was, and I'll have that to cherish forever.  

We miss you Mom.  I know you'll be looking down on our family and watching over.

In honor of my mother.  Linda Jane Ash - June 06, 1952 - October 2015, 2015