Just one big fur family

Had another dog shoot recently.  This time it was 3!  I was approached by a client and was asked if we could shoot all 3 at the same time.  I was a little hesitant at first because 3 can get out of hand.  But we gave it a shot.

We shot this session at Mansfield Dam park on Lake Travis.  It's a beautiful little alcove with some nice rock outcroppings and a small slue.  I checked out the spot and decided to use the outcroppings first and get some single portraits.   

Moose is the German Shepard.  He was so chill and a great poser.  Zora, next, was a mix and the client wasn't sure what she was.  All we knew was she had a great temperament and a sweetie pie.  Her smile really glowed and her white fur was so soft and fluffy.   Buddy was last, he did great as well but was a little camera shy.  Usually I'll move around the dog to get to their angle in lieu of making the dog turn toward me.  If I can make the angle work, I'll use it.  

Before we moved to a new location, we took a full family portrait.  This was well worth the risk.  2 humans and 3 dogs all looking one way, it was a great shot.  

It was a fun shoot and I can't wait for more of these.  I'm really enjoying photographing dogs and their owners.  

Meet Roger Dodger!

Shooting personal projects has a real impact on your future work with clients as well.  You have to be energized to shoot your next project or else you risk doing a less than amazing job for your client.

Personal projects can amp that enthusiasm for the craft and keep the creative juices flowing.  I have taken up shooting dog portraits for our local dog rescue Austin Dog Rescue.  If you have some time please check them out.  They are an amazing group of people that have a devout passion for saving the lives of pooches all around Austin.  

I was approached to do a shoot with them and I get to reveal that image some time this year but the net of that meeting was a great bunch of friends who we collaborate on projects together.  One friend has asked me to shoot some images of dogs she fosters and she just so happens to live a hop and a skip from me so it works out well.  

My latest project was with Roger Dodger.  He's a cute little cattle dog with light brown spots and blue/grey coloring up around the neck and back.  He immediately latched on to my heart strings and we hit it off.  He had a very playful attitude and he'd run around the yard and then pose before running away again.  Very well mannered for a 10 week old.  

The portrait shots were just so cute because his little ears would stand straight up.   I told the foster it reminded me of a hyena.  I am sure he will not last long on the adoption site.  I have almost convinced myself just to take him in but alas, i have 2 dogs already.  3 would be too many along with our 3 cats and 2 kids.

If you'd like to check him out he'll be on the ADR page soon and I can connect you with his foster.  Poor guy fell out of a truck and was picked up and brought to a vet to be checked out.  Soon after he was in our foster's good care and is perfectly healthy.  He managed to dodge some traffic so hence the name, "Roger Dodger" 


-Stay Focused-