Multiple Instagram Accounts

One of the missing things from Instagram was multiple accounts in the app.  As you may know, adding photos from the web is not allowed, but you could sign into a different account.  On the phone, you could sign into a different account, but you could not swap them on the fly such as Twitter or Facebook.  The wait is finally over, IG users with multiple accounts, rejoice!

If you are a photographer and you're not on Instagram, you may want to try it.  Lots of engagement from folks all over the world, and the feed is your entire feed, not curated by some algorithm.  

The search function is great too.  If you want to search hash tags, accounts, or people then you just type it in and hit search.  However, you also have a trending bar up top that lets you see trending tags or topics.  

I can find images that are liked by people I follow as well so if you follow like minded people or businesses, this can act as an alternate feed for you.  I enjoy finding new work and it seems others can find me as well by using helpful tags.  

If you don't have IG, go ahead and take a look at it.  It's  a great resource and a place to discover or be discovered.  It's been my #1 app for a while and I've seen little changes to it that would make me move anywhere else. 

Source: Mashable Link