Shooting TTL in studio with Profoto B1

Had a little flex time today to set up the B1 and shoot a selfie.  Ah, my favorite subject (not).  

Well, in a pinch when you need to learn, luckily Olympus makes it easy to self shoot in studio.  I turn on the iOS app and hook up to the EM5 wifi, then i can tap my phone screen to focus and set the self timer to take the image. 

The Profoto was pretty easy using the air remote.  I set it on TTL as an experiment and was pleasantly surprised.  Even at different ISO and apertures, the light was fairly consistent and even quality.  I would  to go back over to the camera each time if shooting in manual.  

The following video highlights 2 things.  My new online video brand "Digital Darkroom" as well as the difference in F/4 and F/1.4 in studio with lighting.  

Stay focused

Review: Westcott 24" beauty dish for Elinchrom

I'm excited to test out this product. I don't see many reviews online but the ones I do seem very positive.  I have a beauty dish for studio from Elinchrom but it's an absolute pain to set up.  I'm hoping to acheive nice results with an easy to set up product in the field.

I love this product because it has a built in speedring and it unfolds in seconds like an umbrella.  Seems sturdy enough for shooting outdoors consistently, or using in studio in a pinch.  

Enjoy the video.