Inspiration Tuesday - Beaches

This weekend I'm heading to the coast for some R&R and I thought I'd curate 3 great images to get me in the mood for shooting.  I'll be shooting some family lifestyle pics as well as landscapes.  I'm excited to get out of town for a couple days and away from the grind.  Here are this weeks images, enjoy!

Legzira Arches by Tony Yong on

This first image just popped off the page.  Great shot at sunset with the low sun making distinct reds and oranges pop out of the rocks.  It's got a gritty texture to the foreground while keeping a softness to the sky and waves. 

O by Cristian Todea on

This second image is a fantastic portrait.  I love once again the setting at sundown with all the oranges and yellows backlighting her hair.  She has a great top with the pendant glowing and sharp.  Her look is demure and mysterious.  I enjoy the sun flare in this image.  I've been known to incorporate that effect as well and find that it doesn't take away from the image. 

re....magic by Marco Petracci on

The final image is a stunning surfing silhouette.  I'm a sucker for these shots.  I love the bright burning sun behind and the crisp detail on the waves and the surfer.  The photographer caught this at the peak of the action.  We are left wondering "did he fall?", "did he ride this one out?".  Very engaging shot. 

Sony cameras for the light traveler

I've been using Sony for about 2 months now and I'm impressed with the quality and build of the cameras and lenses.  The system I have right now is the APS-C a6000 24MP small form factor camera with the 50mm OSS 1.8 Lens.  

The lens is sharp and autofocus is very accurate.  I primarily shoot wide open so primes with wide f-stops are very important.  I can let in more light and keep my ISO down.  I've not had any issues with the a6000 and high ISO though.  The Sony sensor not susceptible to noise and allows you to turn it up when needed.  

I have Nikon glass as well so I wanted to use that in my Sony camera.  Fotodiox makes a handy little adapter that attaches to the body of the camera and a Nikon G lens for a full manual experience with your existing glass.  On top of the adapter you'll find an aperture ring that allows you to dial it down for an "A" mode shooting experience. 

 All you need to do is adjust the ISO and shutter speed.  Doing so on a Sony EVF or Electronic Viewfinder is a simple task.  The back of the screen is WYSIWYG, in other words, you see the exposure you are going to make before you take the picture.  Similar to Live View on a Nikon or Canon.  All for around $59 USD you can keep using your existing glass from Sony/Nikon/Pentax/Voigtlander/etc

The folks at have Sony kit and right now it's all 15% off your rental.  Just use the link below and add items to your cart then use BLEVERYTHING15

I'd recommend either the Sony a7r, a7II, or the a6000 and a light lens like the Zeiss Loxia 35/2

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hope you get a chance to try them out.  It's a really enjoyable experience.