Sports photography is a specialized area that requires discipline and knowledge of the game.  Growing up in a sports family I've had experience with many areas of athletics from football and baseball to volleyball and track and field. 

What I offer is simple.  Fill in the form below and I will go shoot images at the event in the local Austin area.  I'll hand out a card with the gallery location on the web as well as my contact info.  Within 48 hours the images will be on the private gallery for you and anyone else on the team to view.  If you like the images you can simply buy them from that page and download the file.  Everything is completely digital.

What do you get?

  • I'll use my knowledge and expertise to capture the awesome moments your children have during competition
  • These images come with no risk to you.  It's free for me to come shoot local games.
  • Buy a full set for $20 + tax via digital download
  • Images will be broken into groups/albums for easy viewing by player #

Bottom line is simple.  Fast turnaround of images.  Professional quality.  Low cost.  Fill in the form below to get a game or tournament captured professionally.  See FAQ for more info below

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Date of Competition
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Start time
Please fill in any info that is pertinent to the event. i.e. your childs # or position played. Lane they will be swimming at a meet, etc.
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Address of sporting event
If unknown at the time please note N/A in the fields


Q: Can you guarantee my child will get plenty of images?

A: While I strive to capture all of them, certain things are beyond my control but if your child is actively playing I will make sure to capture all the best images.

Q: Will the other parents be able to buy the images to?

A: Of course.  Anyone at the game can have the link to the gallery.  There is no risk for them as there is no obligation to buy.  The general action of team sports is to capture the scene around the play happening.  During an individual sport like golf the images will be all of your child. 

Q: When I download the files after purchase, can I print them?

A: You may print the images but you could run into an issue at print stores needing a release.  If you have an issue contact me

Q: Should I provide you the entire roster and info if I'm a team booster or sponsor?

A: That information is vital and is only used for identifying potential players/#'s and if any questions about the shoot come up I'll have contact info for the parents.  I may send out an email to them if so desired just informing them of the images and where they can be seen.

Q: How long will the gallery be on the site?

A: The gallery should be on there for at least 2-3 weeks.  I will delete pages as room is needed.

Q: I downloaded the images but lost them a couple weeks later, can I get another copy?

A: I keep images about 1 month from the date shot.  I keep some for promotions but not all.  It's best to make back up copies as soon as you download.

Q: The price of $20 + tax is the final fee correct?

A: Absolutely, there are no upfront costs, travel costs, or editing costs.  All of that is included with the digital download. 

Q: What is the travel limit?

A: I try and keep it to the general Austin area.  Cedar park, Round Rock, Austin, Georgetown, Lakeway, Pflugerville.  Killeen would be a travel fee for example.  Same with San Antonio.  Any questions can be asked on the form above.

Q: Are there any sports you won't shoot? 

A: No.  Bring anything to the table and as long as they let professional equipment in the place I'll capture it.  I've shot basketball, baseball, football, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, martial arts, golf, and tennis.